Social Media And Online Privacy/Security

Studio 31, has more than 2.8 lakh followers in Social Media and has a good amount of traffic in the website as well. It’s a public domain and anyone having access to the internet will have access to any of our social media pages and websites.

All the pictures/videos that we post online will retain our watermark. However, Studio 31 as a company, or the second party or any of its Owners, Employees, Top Management, Vendors and Associates will not be responsible for any external or third party or public misusing the client’s pictures or videos. While we might take legal action on the same once we get a report, we will not claim responsibility for the same.

Copyright And Other Proprietary Rights

The copyright in the images, videos or any other proprietary rights in any material which forms a part of the deliverables given to the Client shall stand vested in the Client on the full payment being made by the Client to Studio 31. The proprietary rights in any other intellectual property that is produced during the course of the engagement of Studio 31 with the Client as a result of such engagement shall vest solely with Studio 31.

Notwithstanding anything contained in the above paragraph, Studio 31 reserves the right to use any such image, video or other material for the purpose of marketing, promoting and endorsing Studio 31’s services.

  1. Studio 31 reserves the right to retain the deliverables, and to revoke any license related to the use of the deliverables until the full payment has been made to Studio 31 under the terms specified herein.
  2. If the client does not prefer Studio 31 to use the images of videos for the purpose of marketing, promoting and endorsing Studio 31’s services, the client shall pay an additional fee of INR 30,000/-
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