Raw / Original Files

It is a mandate that the client copies the entire original files (photos, videos) in a hard disk drive from the corporate office in Chennai considering factors like data safety and redundancy within 90 days of the event completion.

The original files can be copied by any one of the following options,

  1. Providing a portable hard disk drive with a minimum space of One TB to Studio 31
  2. Booking a new portable hard disk drive online and shipping it to Studio 31's address
  3. Transferring INR 5100/- to Studio 31 and we will procure a new hard disk drive and copy the files.

If the client fails to collect the entire original files (photos, videos) within 90 days of the event completion, the files will be deleted from the server without notice.

Studio 31 as a company, or the second party or any of its owners, employees, top management, vendors and associates will not be responsible for the same.

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