No Refund Policy

No claims for refund shall be entertained under any circumstances, irrespective of the grounds on which the refund is claimed, including pandemics and epidemics, once the fees/payment has been made to Studio 31.

This applies to situations like clients cancelling or postponing the wedding event and not rescheduling the same to another date.

However, during such circumstances, the client can avail Studio 31's services at any point of time in the future. Prices of Studio 31's services will vary and change year after year and the value of the service for which the client has paid the fees/advance/money will also vary.

The client also has the option to transfer the order to a friend or relative who may have events coming up.

However, If Studio 31 is unable to perform the services in this contract / or cancelling the service from its side, due to any cause outside its control, such as fire, flood, casualty, act of god, pandemic / epidemic or terrorism, illness, or any other reasonable cause outside Studio 31’s control or expectation, client agrees to indemnify Studio 31 for any loss damage or liability; however, Studio 31 will return the full payments made by CLIENT to in relation to their SHOOT within 90 working days.

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